Dreamy Engagement Session at the Bridge | Ally + Sam | Tempe, Arizona

Two people, so in love, so photogenic, aaaaaand they brought roller blades and champagne. To say this session was effortless to photograph honestly feels right to admit. When my couples know that they can trust me and just focus on each other, the images we can capture will always be some of my favorites!

This is one of those sessions that gets more beautiful the longer you scroll. Ally and Sam have such a sweet love and I was astounded, blown away, and absolutely shook by how beautiful their relationship showed up on camera. They are a rare couple that felt no embarrassment or intimidation by the camera but were so absorbed with their love for each other and just having fun together, that it didn’t matter at all. I loved that they incorporated elements that were special to them and showed off their unique relationship. I could not be more excited that they will be our first wedding of 2023!


  1. Terrell says:

    These tones are sooo good! Amazing work!