Learning better posing, creating valuable social media content, crafting an awesome website, alllllll of it can come down to CLIENT EXPERIENCE and when it does, you create a HEALTHY business with consistent clients you LOVE to work with


who knows that BEING the best doesn't come with out GIVING the best to your clients

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to 1:1 mentorships

Courses, guides, & templates created to help you build the business of your dreams.

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I have been the owner and photographer of my own business since I was 16 years old. Now known as TaylorRae Photo and Film, I am so beyond bless to work side by side with my husband shooting weddings and couples exclusively. 
Starting out so young, I did it all backwards, making a lot of mistakes a long the way. Ever since it clicked and I figured out the strategies that actually work, I have built an established, profitable, and an exponentially thriving business and I want to help you do it right from the start. And I'll tell you right now, it starts with client experience. Giving my own clients the best experience possible and teaching other business owners to do the same is what lights me up inside.

I'm TaylorRae,
your new BUSINESS bestie

Hey there!

"TaylorRae is the BEST thing that's happened to my photography business."

"She’s taught me how to work my camera to the best of its ability, the rules when framing photographs, and how to communicate with my clients well! She’s patient, kind, and just SO understanding. I would not be where I am now in my business if it wasn’t for her and it’s literally only been a few months! She’s amazing and seriously, the progress and improvement I’ve made with her is ASTONISHING. 1000000000/10 would recommend TaylorRae as a photography mentor."



"I THRIVE off the environment she provides!"

"I needed help with my wedding packages, how to book more weddings, what to do when I book a wedding, and so on and so forth. TaylorRae walked me through the whole wedding process, I had so much fun, and I think my business benefited a ton! TaylorRae is the wedding QUEEN! She’s super knowledgable, very approachable, and bubbly! I thrive off the environment that she provides! I learned so much from her and I benefited so much from this mentorship and I would highly recommend any photographer to do a mentorship with TaylorRae! "





"TaylorRae has been so helpful in teaching me some of the ways to effectively use social media and digital design to further my small business. I've come leaps and bounds in the last year through our conversations. She's a great person to have on your team. Also, her positive vibes are so encouraging - especially when you're first starting out!"

"I've come LEAPS and BOUNDS in the last year through our conversations."

" I know I can trust you. I felt heard."

I was struggling with clients ghosting me and the client experience that I offer. Everything about the experience was great. Super thorough as always! Your wisdom in any area is great and I know I can trust you. I felt heard and you accommodated and you helped me change my process perfectly. I highly recommend you and would schedule more sessions in the future hands down! I’ve learned so much from you. 





"I have worked with dozens of photographers, but my experiences with TaylorRae have been the most valuable. I have watched her effortlessly pose and give direction to couples to capture the most romantic and natural pictures. At my most recent wedding, I was able to utilize all of the amazing tips and tricks I gleaned from Taylor Rae on posing, to give this bride the stunning photos she had dreamed of! I never knew how much I would need these skills, but I’m so glad I had taken mental notes while watching TaylorRae in action!"

"I NEVER knew how much I would NEED these skills"

This coaching session is for any type of service based business owner at any stage in their business! Are you super business minded but need some direction on finding your ideal client or honing your photography skills? Maybe you're loving the entrepreneurship life but you want to know how to grow your clientele. Or, maybe you just need some encouragement and a few questions answered. An hour long chat on a FaceTime or over a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate if you're me) could be just what you need! 

Subscribe and Save! If Amazon can do it, then so can I! Looking for regular check in? Book one call a month for 5 months at a discount. This gives me the opportunity to follow up, give you homework for your business, and gives you the opportunity to bring new questions for almost half a year! 

LET'S TALK: social media strategy, nailing down your niche, creating a client avatar, client communication/ HoneyBook, establishing pricing, website critiques, the pep talk you need, Q + A, etc.




This coaching is perfect for you if you really want to hone in on your photography specific skills. Prior to the session, I will help you style a photo session that fits cohesively with your brand, find models, help with location, etc. 

We'll shoot side by side for you to be able to shadow me as I shoot and interact with the model(s) and talk you through the angles and poses I'm choosing and why. You'll get an opportunity to shoot as well; either on your own or with my support. You will learn so much about capturing authentic, joy filled moments and also be able to add these photos to your portfolio and socials! 



This mentor session is perfect if you're looking for a deep dive into your photography and business. We have 4 whole hours packed full of shadowing, head shots, coaching, etc. This package is special because,
1) you have so much time to glean information and experience and 
2) you'll have the opportunity to gain more content for your business. It's the Hannah Montana of the packages... it's the best of both worlds!

4 whole hours packed full of education including head shots for your website/personal use
and post session review of photos you captured



This twelve week internship gives you the valuable opportunity to engage in the behind the scenes of a successful wedding photography + videography business. You'll learn skills within programs like Honeybook, Canva, and Showit (what this very website was built on!), gain insight into my social media strategy, participate in what creates an incredible experience for our clients and more. The internship requires 8 hrs of work per week where not only will you learn by being a member of the team but get 3 "coffee shop chats" to ask any questions you want for your own business (weeks 1, 6, and 12 of the internship)

12 week internship; receive 3 "coffee shop chat" coaching sessions.

Note that this is an unpaid internship but college credit is available for eligible students.


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"people do not CARE how much you KNOW until they KNOW how much you CARE."