I'm the desert-dwelling, cat-mom behind the camera who's got a TRUE love for chicken nuggets! Some of my favorite things are hot chocolate, thrifting, crafting, singing WAY too loudly, and hanging out with my very best friend, Joshua.
I got by bachelor's in Psychology and spent 3 years as a behavioral health tech/family specialist. Years before, I picked up a camera at 16 years old and fell in love. It's a crazy dream that I get to do this full-time!

Pursuing photography is a gift because of the unique ways I get to serve people through it. Listen, I know that you probably aren't that comfortable in front of a camera (truth is, I'm not either!). I understand that photographing people is so much more than taking pretty photos; it's making the people who have trusted me in their most special moments feel comfortable, beautiful, and loved from behind the lens. 

Josh here! I have been blessed by meeting and marrying the gorgeous and talented TaylorRae, and being pulled into her orbit of creating and capturing amazing memories.

I was born and raised in Oregon and made the trek down to Arizona not long after my eighteenth birthday. Throughout high school, I had a blast creating videos with friends - our productions nearly always made us laugh until we cried! The passion that developed has followed me to today: getting the honor of capturing one of the most important days of a lifetime.

Nearly all of my time fits into these few categories: teaching elementary school P.E., testing the capabilities of my muscular and cardiovascular systems (Crossfit style), editing wedding films, reading, and best of all, laughing and working with my amazing wife.  




Not many people get the chance to be a part of moments like pre-ceremony prayers, first looks between the bride and groom, marriage certificate signings, and many other important moments that we possess first row seats. Our jobs mean giving the gift of a forever reminder of the foundation their marriage was set in. 
When it comes to capturing other people's love stories, we are reminded that all love stories point to the best Love story of all: the one where Jesus pursues His bride so passionately that He lays down His life for her.
Photography and videography mean unlimited creative potential and the honor of being trusted to capture the most special moments of people’s lives and the gift of this is never lost on us.

"it seriously felt like a bunch of friends just hanging out and having fun!"

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you're an open book who loves to skip the small talk
you are down to run, jump, dance, and laugh until you're out of breath
you value authenticity over poise in life and especially in photos
you're ready to make some new life long friends!

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