I'm a desert-dwelling, chicken tender loving new mom who's always got her camera in hand. Some of my favorite things are hot chocolate, thrifting, DIY projects, singing WAY too loudly, serving in the college ministry at our church, and hanging out with my best friend, Joshua and our infant daughter, Lucy Rae.
I was born and raised in Arizona by my dad, the cowboy and my Texan mama. I got my bachelor's in Psychology and spent 3 years as a behavioral health tech/family specialist. Years before, I picked up a camera at 16 years old and fell in love. That girl had no idea that her passion would be a full time dream career and answer to prayer.

Pursuing photography is a gift because of the unique ways I get to serve people through it. I understand that photographing people is so much more than taking pretty photos; it's making the people who have trusted me in their most special moments feel comfortable, beautiful, and loved from behind the lens. 

Josh here! I have been blessed by meeting and marrying the gorgeous and talented TaylorRae, and being pulled into her orbit of creating and capturing amazing memories when we started working together in 2019.

I was born and raised in Oregon and made the move to Arizona when starting college. Throughout high school, I had a blast creating videos with friends - our productions always got us busting up laughing until we were red faced with tears streaming down. The joy and passion that developed then has followed me to today: getting the honor of capturing one of the most important days of a lifetime.

Nearly all of my time fits into these few categories: fixing up our house, discipling college students at our church, testing the capabilities of my muscular and cardiovascular systems (Crossfit style), editing wedding films, reading, and best of all, laughing and working with my amazing wife while getting to getting to raise our beautiful daughter together.  

the  photo team

Meet our incredible team of photographers. Our associate shooters aren’t just stand-ins - they're an extension of me, TaylorRae, and the heart of TaylorRae Photo and Film. They seamlessly step in to capture your big day while embodying the same passion and dedication that I pour into every shot. While I handle everything from engagement sessions to editing your gallery, our associate shooters are here to ensure we can spread the love to even more couples who connect with the style and heart of TaylorRae Photo and Film. Plus, you’ll have the chance to connect with them beforehand, ensuring a seamless and personal experience that we care so much about.

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"TaylorRae was incredible to work with and the photos were truly incredible. She was great with communication and her photographer who took our photos was great at directing our photos and putting us at ease through the whole process. She was so positive and helpful and you could tell she loved her job! The turn around time was so quick and I loved every photo!" - HANNAH + KASEY


Oh hi again! Just as a reminder, I am the founder, co-owner, and lead photographer of TaylorRae Photo and Film.
I got my start in high school taking photos of graduating seniors and small families but jumped into couples and wedding photography in 2019 and never looked back.

My photography style is based on capturing the personalities of the couple in front of my camera. This means that sometimes my photos feel very high energy and playful and other will feel quiet and romantic. That's because no two couples are the same. The consistency you'll find is in the organic and story telling nature of every photo I send out.

I love my job because of the couples I get to serve not just on their wedding days but in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the first of their many Best Days Ever. Having a team means I'm able to serve more couples in the ways that I love most!

BASED: West Mesa, AZ + South Salem, OR, seasonally

SPECIAL SKILLS: Turning the "awkward" couple into the most relaxed and fun-loving couple in front of my camera, yelling at your family and friends on your wedding but in a *nice* way, being a place of calm AND excitement on your wedding day.




Hello, my name is Amy Susnjara and I am BLESSED to work as a wedding photographer. I have a big heart for marriage and all that it represents. Marriage is the BEST! I’ve been fortunate to work with TaylorRae for almost 4 years now and honestly, it’s because of her that I am where I’m at today! My goal for my couples is to ensure they feel loved, seen, and comfortable with me on their special day and I’m excited to make that happen for YOU! When I’m not hanging out with my awesome couples, I’m probably needing out withy husband, eating pasta, drinking too much coffee and thrifting!

BASED: Phoenix, AZ

SPECIAL SKILLS: Directing large groups, bringing joy and engergy into your wedding day, making a nervous couple feel comfy on camera, directing the day so you can sit back and enjoy your intimate wedding day. 




Hey there, I’m Lizzie Mack! When I’m not chasing moments with my camera, you can find me sipping coffee and soaking up moments with my furry friend. I’m a movie buff, known for reciting lines on cue – it keeps life interesting!

My photography style? Candid, capturing those raw, authentic reactions that make your story uniquely yours. I believe photos should reflect the joy and love you share, unfiltered and genuine. It’s all about those real smiles, genuine laughter, and deep connections.

I'm all about creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere where you can truly be yourselves. Let’s ditch the awkward poses and embrace the magic of your journey together! I’m thrilled at the prospect of getting to know you both and creating stunning memories that reflect your beautiful bond. Let’s make some magic happen together! Can’t wait to meet you!

BASED: Aumsville, Oregon

SPECIAL SKILLS: Creative and fun posing, keeping your day on schedule, pinning boutonnieres, keeping the energy light and fun on even the most stressful days!




Hello there friend, I’m Meghan

Lover of Jesus, traveling to new places, & iced matcha lattes! 

I have a deep love for people and preserving life’s most precious moments through intentional imagery. I am dedicated and overjoyed to capture all the raw emotions, candid, in-between moments, and genuine interactions that make up your beautiful love story and wedding day. 

I want to serve all couples I have the privilege of capturing. I will help you bustle your dress, hold your hands and take a deep breath with you, pin on your boutonniere, or get down on the dance floor with your bridal party.

BASED: Chandler, AZ

SPECIAL SKILLS: Being an unobtrusive but helpful part of your day, capturing couples as they are without cheesy over-done poses, never failing to get down on the dance floor while capturing  the best reception pics!



you made us feel so comfortable for people who are normally super uncomfortable taking pictures, we can't wait for you to be at our wedding!

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Your wedding is so important - but your marriage is what matters.


We believe in the sanctity of marriage, and love to pray for and encourage our couples as they prepare for their wedding and future together. We remind our couples what we have learned ourselves: that the covenant between the two of you reflects the relationship between Christ and His Church. This means that when we love and pursue each other well, we make God look really good, and guess what? He is.

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