Pre-Marital Questions You Might Not Think to Ask

Being a part of the wedding industry means we’re around marriage A LOT. Which is perfect for us because we love marriage and we believe in marriage. And while a wedding day is incredibly important and so worth celebrating, the marriage is what matters and we want to do what we can to help you prepare for it!

We are not marriage counselors and our own marriage isn’t perfect but we believe one of the reasons our marriage is so healthy and has seen so much fruit in these last few years is in large part due to the work we did to prepare for it.

We’ve created a guide for you to ask the hard questions that will help prepare you for your joy-filled marriage. This guide is not intended to replace pre-marital counseling, please be sure to seek out wise counsel from a license professional and/or a trusted, older couple who shares your values.

Be sure to take your time going through each question. Even if you’ve talked through these things before, make sure to discuss them again to see if anything new comes up. Some of these questions are challenging. Remember that if any “deal breakers” come up, provided you’re not already married, you are not in a covenant. Breaking off an engagement would be horrible but the pain wouldn’t begin to compare to that of a miserable marriage or divorce. Again, address these questions together and with community. Engagement can be a challenging season but it’s an important and sweet time you’ll never get back. Have fun!

Click the image below to read the guide!

Pre-Marital Questions Guide