I am aware that many women struggle with pornography addiction as well as men. It just so happens I have only lived life as a man and therefore only feel able to speak from that perspective. I use strong descriptions and harsh language throughout to address the seriousness of the issue. I do want to […]

Porn & Dating: Should we break up?

Without a doubt marriage is one of the most important decisions that could ever be made. Just because we can get married young doesn’t mean we have to. But I certainly can attest to experiencing tremendous benefits and growth in the last two years as a young married man. Don’t get married to someone just because you don’t think it’ll get better. Set your standards high enough because you are valuable, and then wait. The rest of your life is too long to commit to “good enough”. Just don’t wait for the sake of waiting. Find someone that shares your values, isn’t wrongfully jealous, is kind to your friends and family, and maybe even shares your sense of humor. Then find some wedding bands and make it work.

How Young is Too Young For Marriage?