Church Wedding + Indoor Garden Reception | Bitty + Levi | Phoenix, AZ

This wedding will forever go down in history as one of the best we’ve ever captured and there are so many reasons why so we’re back again with a list of our favorite things about this wedding:

  1. Bitty and Levi got married at our church. We hadn’t been going to Christ Church Central Phoenix all that long when they hired us for their day so it was really special that we got to meet so many people in our church family by helping them prepare for and capture their day. It was hopefully the first of many we’ll get to capture there
  2. The fake first touch with Levi and his twin brother, Luke. We were all dying laughing behind the camera when Levi was so confused why Bitty wasn’t talking but said “I love you, babe”. Poor guy haha but it was the best and Levi and Luke I’m sure will laugh about that forever.
  3. The perfectly mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Every single time a bride chooses this for her girls I am amaaaazed how well it comes together! I really love how the colors are so similar but each gal has a unique texture to her dress.
  4. Bitty and Levi were concerned about how the ceremony space would look in photos since there’s no windows in the church so they talked through their backdrops and decor ideas with me to see what would photograph best and we planned time in the day for me to the lighting/spotlight prior to the ceremony to make sure they got the photos they dreamed of and it was just what they were wanting in that space! (p.s. I didn’t even have to use my flash!)
  5. Our pastor, Nick, gave the best wedding sermon we’ve ever heard. You can catch a part of it in their wedding film linked here
  6. Their confetti send off from their ceremony… need I say more
  7. They knew they could only have so many people at their reception space but they know that
  8. The reception venue: Stonebridge Manor is officially my favorite Wedgewood Weddings venue
  9. The whole wedding party was amazing and the groomsmen especially nailed their photos, look at that groom toss!
  10. Their romantics. I mean wow. It was the dead of summer and soooo toasty outside but these hotties were thriving and I’m in love with how these photos turned out!
  11. Our friend and their guest Jules’ birthday was the day of their wedding and Bitty + Levi got her her own birthday cake to celebrate her! These two have the most generous hearts.
  12. Without a doubt the best cake smash I’ve ever seen. What the photos don’t show is that it was also the slowest cake smash I’ve ever seen. They just each held a piece of cake up to each other’s face to see who would smash it first. It was like watching it in slow motion haha
  13. Epic dancing until the very end. Nothing like seeing your pastor bust a move but this crew knew how to party.
  14. One of the groomsmen and his sweet girlfriend got engaged a couple of months later and now we get to shoot their wedding at Stonebridge Manor this February and we can’t wait to go back!