Backyard Wedding | Citrus Grove Wedding | Queen Creek, Arizona | Becca + Tanner

This spring we had the pleasure and joy of capturing Becca + Tanner’s wedding and this list goes on and on with all the things we loved about it. In fact, we’re just going to list those very things here. So, in no particular order, our favorite things about the De le Fe’s wedding:

1. The mismatched but so well coordinated a-typical bridesmaids dresses
2. That just about everything was DIY’d
3. Becca put her wedding dress on in the above-a-garage-apartment she’s lived in and continue to live in with her new husband!
4. This entire wedding took place in the backyard of their now first home
5. They had a dog as their ring bearer.
6. That dog’s name is Bear. He was truly the ring Bear-er
7. Tanner’s suit and very on-brand citrus themed shirt
8. My favorite bridesmaid photos I’ve ever taken. They were stunners, the mismatched dresses, the incredible florals, and their fun personalities = I’m obsessed
9. Their first touch and private prayer time. I cried.
10. They prayed so much this whole day, the first touch, with their wedding party, with their family during their ceremony, just any opportunity to pray and they did.
11. Their faces and dance moves as they walked away from their wedding ceremony
12. All the family hugs after the ceremony
13. Recycling their ceremony bench seating to be used for reception seating + all the guests helping to move them
14. Their neon sign at the sweetheart table
15. A bridesmaid teaching everyone else how to break dance
16. The 3 guests who kept the dancing going all night even when I line dance song wasn’t being played
17. Becca’s face when she was truly busting a move

And that’s it! Should we blog every wedding like this??

To truly relive this day, watch Becca + Tanner’s wedding film here!

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Hope you enjoyed!