Last summer, Josh and I finally ventured off to our 3-year belated honeymoon to Oahu and MAN was it worth the wait! As we were planning out all the activities we wanted to do plus wanting to make sure we didn’t over book ourselves so we’d also have time to relax PLUS being on a budget… meant I got very organized.

And because I’m… me, I couldn’t just make this list organized, I had to make it pretty too. Several months later, I finally found a moment to add the extra outings we didn’t plan on going to originally and linking all the adventures and beaches so I could share it with you today!

Now, I mention it a couple times in the guide but it’s worth saying here: my number one tip if you’re going to Oahu is getting the GoCity pass. It saved us over $500 as we went out for countless activities AND by using this link you can get 10% off your pass! (plus there’s tons of other domestic and international locations you can get GoCity passes too, so check out if your next vacation spot is on their list!)

Without further ado, click the image below to see our guide to an adventurous Hawaiian honeymoon:

  • xx, TaylorRae and Josh