What to Wear to Your Couples Photo Session

It’s the question I get after every booking: “BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?!” *read that in Jim Carrey’s Grinch voice please and thank you*

Now I’m no stylist but I do love fashion. I could tell you EXACTLY what I like and think you would look good in but here’s the thing…

If I said every girl looked perfect in a floral sun dress and every guy looked like a stud in suspenders, I’d ONLY get people in those outfits and, worse, I’d get people who aren’t comfortable in those outfits showing up to our sessions with tense smiles and uncomfortable body language because that’s just not them.

Step ONE to planning your outfit is to wear what’s comfortable to YOU!

If you never feel comfortable in heels and they don’t give you a sense of confidence, then leave those puppies AT HOME!

If you love a cozy sweater (and the weather permits it) then I’d bet that’s the look for you!

NEXT is determining your color palette and patterns.

With patterns – less is more. For example, if one of you has a detailed pattern, have the other where a simple pattern or solid color. If one has a large print pattern, keep the other with a tiny pattern; be careful with this though as some small patterns don’t photograph as well. Another good move is to add different textures in your clothing. This can be done with knit sweaters or shear flow fabrics.

When it comes to colors, I always suggest sticking to a neutral color pallet for a couple of reasons. 1. You never know what trends are going to come and when it comes to color. Remember when neon green was super trendy?? Looking back at photos in really bold color can sometimes be a moment of regret. 2. Bold colors can sometimes distract from the people wearing them. I want all the attention in every photo to be on you and your love! Wearing neutral colors is all around the simplest way to go and usually makes the outfit choosing process a lot easier for my couples.

Pro tip: keep in mind the location you’re shooting in. If we’re going somewhere super green for your engagement photos, I would suggest not wearing green for the session. I don’t want to lose you in the trees!

If you want more direction than that, hop on Pinterest and search for outfit ideas.

LASTLY, if you are my client and you just don’t know what to wear – I’m here for you! Send me some pics or FaceTime me and we can pick something that you’ll feel so confident in.

I hope you find all these tips to be super helpful but I just want to take a moment to remind you: when it comes to dressing for your session, you’re job pretty much begins and ends with BE YOURSELF!

BOOM. Now you’re one step closer to the best photo session of your life!