Peyton + Tommy | Desert Couples Session| South Mountain | Phoenix, AZ

I’m honestly just blown away by the BEAUTY of this couple. We had an amazing time taking photos and recording some educational content (hint hint!) and just laughed all evening. These two are ACTUAL pros in front of the camera but I still wanted to share a couple of my favorite posing instructions that we used with these two.

machine gun kisses – 10 seconds to kiss her face as many times as possible – anywhere but her lips⁣⁣

the improved prom pose – cheesy prom pose but then squeeze her really tight, tickle, and spin around!⁣⁣

piggy back rides but also jump around with her on your back! Extra points for getting the girl to carry the guy on her back!

lastly, NOSE NUZZLES. All day. Erryday.⁣⁣